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Chapter 2 Leaving

Ariana switched on her lamp and sat up on the bed. She pulled a blue book out from under her pillow. It was filled with bizarre poems and pictures she had drawn. All the pictures were of scenery, lush green woods, flowers, a castle, and an ocean.

She also had a photo taped to the inside of the back cover, it was of her, Leon, Yuffie, Cid, and Aerith.

They all looked so happy, that was a good day. A carnival type caravan had come to town, they even got Leon to play a few games.

How could she leave these wonderful people?

Ari was shocked out of her reverie when there was a knock at the door.

“Kid? You awake?” It was Cid.

“Yes, come in.” Ari pushed the book back under the pillow and Cid opened the door.

He didn’t say anything just took her up in his arm’s and held her close.

There was something shining on his face, were those…tears?

“Cid? What’s wrong?” She asked in a quiet voice

“Ari, I want ya to be careful out there. It’s dangerous, them heartless are striking harder and getting more organized, won’t be long till they take over.”

“I’ll be okay Cid. I can fight, and I’ll have the key blade master protecting me too. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“I’m gonna miss ya Ariana.” He said try to stop the sob forming in his throat.

Ariana curled up tighter into his arm’s as a way of saying she’d miss him to. If she even tried to talk she’d start crying her eyes out.

Cid leaned against the wall and slid down into a sitting position and just held her there until the dreaded morning finally arrived.

7:00 A.M. At the Gummi Dock

Ari was sitting on the ground waiting for the key blade master and the others to arrive.

So much for early. She thought bitterly.

“ARRRIIIII! Yuffie has arrived! Oh and so have those un-important non- Yuffie people’s.”

Ari stood and picked up her bag.

“Bout time you guys got here! I’ve been waiting forever.”

“Calm down kid, We’re the one’s should be yellin! This kid,” He gestured to the boy. “took three hours just to wake up! Then he started complianin ‘bout everything!”

The boy just glared at Cid, a good choice in Ari’s opinion, Cid had quite a temper.

“Anyway, Ari this is Sora. Sora this is Ariana.” Aerith said and gently pushed Sora a little closer to her.

“Umm…Hi Ariana.” Sora sounded quite unsure of himself. Ari shook his outstretched hand and then retreated closer to Cid.

All the adult’s were smiling strange sort of smiles at them, all but Cid, He was giving Sora his signature death glare.

What was wrong with him? Cid never acted like this. Strange…

Bingo! Cid was doing the dad thing, The one where he doesn’t want her around boy’s…Because? Oh yeah!…Ari felt herself blush just at the thought. Aerith had explained all that.(Cid was to embarrassed to)

“Come on Sora! We hav’ta get going. Ahyuck.” Behind the group emerged two strange creatures. They looked like strange half animal half human things.

Ari had never seen anything so weird.

“This is Donald and Goofy they work for the king.” Sora said confidence coming back into his voice.

“Pleased to meet you.” Ari said with a slight bow.

“Pleased to meet you to miss. Ahyuck.” Goofy said and gave her hand a light kiss.

“We’ll get things ready while you guys say your goodbyes.” Donald said in the weirdest voice Ari had ever heard.

“Ok, be right there,” Sora said and watched the two walk into the ship. “I’ll seeya guys later. Sora said and waved to the group.

“Good luck, Sora.” Leon said.

“We’ll see you again soon right?” Aerith asked.

“Yeah you will, Bye.”

“Ari, I’ll miss you.” Aerith said and hugged the girl.

“I’ll miss you to Aerith, But your choking me.”

“Oh! I’m sorry.” Aerith let go and the long goodbyes proceeded until Ari was on the ship.

“I’ve never seen this many stars at once. Space is amazing.” Ariana said quietly.

“Those aren’t star’s, their worlds.” Goofy said to her from his co-pilot seat.

“Oh ,yeah.”

Ari slid down further into her chair and watched the worlds pass out the window.

So many of them…how was she going to find hers? It seemed hopeless since there were like

3trillion others out there.

She let out a slight sigh. She was so stupid to leave Cid! I mean what was she thinking!

“Hey Ariana, what’s your story?” Sora asked, coming to sit beside her.

“What do you mean ‘My story?’” She looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“I mean why are you here? What got you into this mess?”

“Oh. I don’t really know. I just woke up in Traverse Town one day with none of my memories. So they’re basically the only reality I’ve ever known. That’s why I’m so scared to leave.” Ariana said the last few word’s quietly hoping Sora wouldn’t hear.

“I’m trying to find my friends. Our island was attacked by heartless and my friends were captured. I want to reunite with them and get back home.” He stared out the window with this real far away look in his eye’s then snapped back to normal.

“I- I think I’m gonna go lay down.” Ari said quickly and hurried away to one of the cabins. She sat on the bed and held her head in her hands. How was she gonna get through this. Sure she just sounded like a baby right now but why had she been so stupid!

She took the blue book out of her bag, getting lost in the pages would be comforting right know…as long as she didn’t look at the inside of the back.

Ariana started looking through the pictures and then it happened… A memory came back!

Mooncrest Island, the lush scenery, the beach, the castle, all of her precious home came back to her in the blink of an eye.

But she decided to keep it to herself for the time being. She didn’t even know these people, why should she tell them about her knew discovery? It’s not like they’d care.

She slowly slipped under the covers of the bed and into the realm of dreams, where Cid and the gang waited with open arms…



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