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Hiya this is the writing profile for Jadin Green!! Which is me...
Anyway I'm gonna be posting stories, pictures, and poetry on this site and I would really like it if you guys would tell me what you think!
I'm hyper and get energy surges at the worst times! As you can see I love exlamation marks...beeeppp
Umm sorry brain flat-lined...Anyways I would really appreciate it if someone could olease make me a Larxene icon, I've been looking for one for awhile and I can't seem to find any I like.
(eragon books) eragon, (ff7) cloud, (ff8) squall, (inkbooks) meggie, (kingdom hearts) axel, aeris, and books like that!, and games like that., demyx, dustfinger, eldest, eragon, farid, ff7, ff8, inkheart, inkspell, kairi, kingdom hearts, larxene, moe, murtagh, my favorite books are, my favorite characters are, my favorite videogames are, poetry books, riku, roxas, saphira, selphie., tifa, vincent, yuffie, zexion